A little about us.

Our business model is based on one thing: understanding our clients business and their target audience’s needs. Our role is to develop solutions that enhance this relationship resulting in increased transactions. This builds business and fosters environments that align with customers. We call this brand refining. Below we outline key areas of specialty we use for our clients. Please let us know if you wish to build your business.

The tools of our trade

 The cornerstone of creative marketing is Branding.
We support a  business build and protect their most important asset, their brand.
With 80% of consumers starting their research online, making your website inviting and intuitive is essential. 
We can help with every stage build  your web-presence. From creative to search
We have experience in both the UK and US developing more than 30 new products in 2014 alone.
For over two decades we have been building branded environments, both permanent and mobile.
Our market intelligence programs enable brands to identify segments they compete in
and the key drivers needed to build a successful sales strategies.
If you need great creative ideas for your brand that work
in traditional media as well as social and digital contact us now.

The team

David Micklewright
David Micklewright

Managing Partner

David has spent 25 years refining and aligning brands. He founded agencies in London and New York, clients have included IBM, Amex, Ford, and Jaguar.

Richard Slade
Richard Slade

Director Client Services

Richard has 10 years experience of maximising the awareness, sales and profitability of both new and recognizable brands in Europe and North America.

Jeff Diamond
Jeff Diamond

Director Creative Strategy

Jeff’s experience in film, media, visual comput­ing technologies, software, and live entertainment enable him to deliver creative solutions for clients.

Amy Diamond
Amy Diamond

MD & Project investment lead

Not related to Jeff! Amy has more than 25 years of experience in investment banking, including International M&A for Lazard Frères.